11th Child in The City Conference 20 - 22 November Brussels

Welcome to the 2023 Child in the City World Conference: Building the Future!

Brussels, the centre of European democracy, will be the host city for this year’s 11th Child in the City World Conference.
The International Child in the City Foundation, together with the Brussels Capital Region and Flemish Community Commission, are delighted to invite you to the conference at the Royal museum of Fine Arts, focusing once more on how we can all best work for the interests of children in cities everywhere.

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Building the Future is the theme chosen by our Scientific Program Committee (SPC) for this year’s conference, which takes place November 20-22.
President of the SPC, Lia Karsten, said: “With this Brussels conference we aim to give a positive boost to how we can best make this world a better place for future generations. We all know that the world today is, in parts, a grim environment. Wars, earthquakes and climate change are just a few of the threats we are facing. But that only makes it more urgent to work towards a better future, not only for but in close dialogue with the younger generations.”

The CitC Foundation, through its interdisciplinary approach, is able to engage different disciplines and open up new and promising perspectives. This conference once again represents a key opportunity for child professionals, city planners, academics, social workers, designers and policymakers to share knowledge of best practice and highlight new insights on how to build child-friendly urban futures.